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To ensure that quality objectives are achieved, LVL has established complete specifications in order to manufacture products of high quality and conforming with marketing requirements.

The development of our products is portrayed by introducing new formulations, and by application studies which are carried out with the assistance of the local and international researches centers.

LVL is renowned for producing and formulating premium quality products which are technically innovative, giving our clients enhanced market advantage and maximize their commercial status by utilizing our expertise.

Mission & Vision

Our mission is to research, innovate, develop and manufacture reliable products through efficient processes at competitive prices. Our vision is to achieve excellence in our products and services, promoting the internationalization of our company as well as constant improvement.

  • Integrity is the guiding principle for all our decisions and relationships
  • We grow our company when we create an environment where colleagues excel
  • Our customers come first, and when they succeed, we succeed
  • We take ownership to deliver results that matter
  • We constantly pursue faster, simpler and better ways of doing business
  • We work together with a common purpose, sharing knowledge and resources for the best interest of our company as a whole


PACKING: 1 L HDPE bottles.
COMPOSITION: Each liter contains:
Praziquantel: 19 g
Albendazole: 25 g
Levamisole HCL: 40 g
Abamectin: 1 g
Cooper: 2.1 g
Zinc: 0.6 g
Cobalt: 0.21 g
Iodine: 0.76 g
Selenium: 0.5 g
STORAGE: Store in closed container, in an upright position, below 30ºC and away from direct sunlight.
Broad spectrum combination for sheep. For treatment and control of mature and immature stages of all major gastrointestinal parasites. Effective on parasites with single or dual resistance to the Benzimidazole, Levamisole / Morantel and Avermectin / Milbemycin families. For treatment and control of lungworms, itch mite, nasal bot and tapeworms. Acts as an aid in the control of adult liver fluke infestation.
Anthelmintic drench for oral administration in sheep as 1 ml / 5 kg b.w.
Meat: 21 days.
Milk: 35 days.